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  • Save big by consolidating online orders into one international shipment
  • Shop at stores which only ship within the U.S.A.
  • Save on taxes for gift shipments


1Register & create an order for access to your personal U.S. mailing address

2Shop online as usual but using your new mailing address. We'll send you notifications as your merchandise arrives.

3Once you're ready for us to send your things to you in Norway, truthfully enter the Customs Declaration values & descriptions for your items & then we'll send you your package in the most economical way possible!

    Huge Savings When You Consolidate

You can save a lot of money shopping online. Yet, shipping costs can substantially raise the price when shipping internationally.

Let's look at an average order made by a recent customer - Suppose you are doing some online shopping from a few stores. Two orders of clothes from Macy's, some more clothes from Nordstroms, a small electronic you found on eBay, and a Kindle from

Without USApostboks (approximately), you will be paying at least $45 in shipping for each Nordstrom's orders, another $40 for Macy's, a minimum of $35 for the eBay item (despite it being small and light), and another $40 for shipping your Kindle. That comes to a total of about $205 in shipping!

With USApostboks, you can have the three stores ship your merchandise to your Virtual USApostboks address in the U.S. for cheap domestic shipping rates (sometimes even free). In this case, the domestic shipping for all of those will likely be ~$18 (Nordstrom's (free within U.S.), Macy's $10, eBay $3, Amazon $5). Then we will consolidate your packages (~$25 ($4.75 x 5)) into one single outgoing shipment to you for ~$61 postage for a total of ~$104.

Just with that order our customer saved an approximate $101 - almost half the shipping cost!

How It Works

After Registering, you will Create an Order and Add a Payment method which you'd like to use to pay for the shipping and handling charges.

  • No shipping and handling charges will be made to your account until you "OK" your shipment to be sent. However, if you choose to create a Virtual Postboks, you will be charged just the monthly fee after creating the order, but none of the shipping and handling charges until the time of each shipment.

When you Create Your Order, you can decide what type of service you would like us to provide for you. We provide two solutions, a Virtual Postboks and a Temporary Postboks, for you to choose from depending on your shopping needs.

The table to the side provides a feature comparison between the two options, which differ primarily by the allowed number of packages per outgoing USApostboks Order and the cost per incoming package.

The Temporary Postboks provides a great deal if you'd like us to receive a single package to be forwarded to you. For instance, maybe you just want to test our service out or you only need to make a single order from a company which doesn't ship to Norway. However, due to the Temporary Postboks' limit of one package per USApostboks Order, you won't be able to take advantage of the huge savings from consolidating multiple packages which is how most of our regular customers utilize our system.

Service Virtual (Basic) Virtual (Gift) Temporary
Setup Fee 0 NOK 0 NOK 0 NOK
Cost Per Package 39 NOK 0 NOK 99 NOK
Monthly Fee 0 NOK 0 NOK 0 NOK
Package Consolidation JA JA NEI
Packages Per Order No Limit No Limit 1
Send as Gift NEI JA NEI
Cost per item? 0 NOK 19 NOK 0 NOK
Express Shipping? JA JA JA
Storage Fee 60 days FREE 60 days FREE 60 days FREE

When we Receive Your Packages, you will be sent a notification email and the contents of your package will be entered into our system and can be viewed in your Order. It is the users responsibility to be aware of Norway's mail restrictions and limitations.

Once we've received your package (Temporary Postboks) or all of your packages (Virtual Postboks), you will need to..

  • log in to complete the Customs Declaration by verifying or entering your items' values and descriptions,
  • upload or send us the receipts for your items if your order is not a gift or if the total value of your order exceeds 1000 NOK
  • and give us the "OK" to ship your package to you.
You'll soon receive a notification from us with the tracking and information that your order has been shipped!

"start shopping now!"

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